How To Get Creative Writing Jobs

The biggest challenge that a writer faces is how to find his or her first few creative writing jobs. How do you approach a client? How do you convince someone to pay you for your words?

There are only two ways to do it (at least, only two ways that I've ever heard of that actually work). There's the passive way and the aggressive way. They both have their challenges.

The aggressive way is by far the fastest.

You have to first learn the language that businesses speak. Know how to talk about ROI, good copy, the call to action, branding, and product positioning. You may just be looking for creative writing jobs, but anyone who is going to pay you is going to want to know how you can help their business (yes, even newspapers and magazines are businesses that need to make money).

Then comes the tricky part. Call everyone.

Everyone hates rejection but you're going to face a lot of it, even after you're an established and respected writer. People will say no. It happens. Sometimes they say no because it doesn't make sense for their business at the time, sometimes they say no because they don't understand why it does make sense for their business.

When then say no, thank them for their time and move on. You have the law of averages on your side. Eventually, if you call enough people, someone will say yes... and you'll have your first client.

The passive way takes a bit longer but can be just as, if not more effective.

If you tremble at the thought of cold-calling someone, there is hope. You can still become a professional writer if you're willing to put in the work.

If you'd rather have people coming to you and asking you to write for them (and who wouldn't) then you need to establish yourself as an authority.

For that, you absolutely, unequivocally must have your own website. From there you can start writing guest posts for popular blogs in the area you want to target. The more you write, the more authority you establish as a writer.

Put a page up on your website that says your a writer for hire. Then start marketing it.

Like I said, this is the slow way to do things. But it is very effective in the long run.

The most important thing to remember with both plans is to not just sit around and wait for work to come to you. It won't. Whether you take a passive or aggressive approach to finding creative writing jobs, you need to do something.

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