How To Edit Your Writing So Your Readers Can't Stop Reading

Some of the best, most respected writers in the world are really mediocre to terrible writers... they just happen to be exceptional rewriters.

When you edit, you make your writing stronger. You cut out the fluff and leave only the message that you wanted to convey. Many writers make the mistake of trying to write perfectly the first time. It slows them down and the doesn't allow them to get into any kind of writing flow.

Editing is as much a part of the creative process as writing itself. When you edit your writing, you're essentially doing the same thing a sculptor does when he chisels the details into his statue. The initial writing is just carving out the rough shape. Good editing is what brings out the creative details that separates good writing from the rest.

Not All Editing Is The Same

There are different ways to edit your writing that sharpen different edges. A writer has to know...

  1. How To Edit Your Writing By Trimming
  2. How To Edit Your Writing By Elaborating
  3. How To Edit Your Punctuation
  4. How To Edit Your Writing For Clarity

In addition to those four types of editing, there's also peer editing and group editing.

In the articles below you'll find a great overview of how to get started trimming up your copy. In fact, most of what a beginner needs to know is right here... and best of all-- it's free!

Or You Can Get Ahead Of All The Amateurs

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In 11 chapters and 3 appendixes, she takes you from beginner mistakes to some techniques that even the seasoned pros can learn from. I purchased this e-book and it was one of the best (and cheapest) investments I ever made in good writing.

I can recommend it, without reservations, to anyone who is serious about improving their writing.

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How To Edit Your Writing By Elaborating: When you edit, you're not always going to be cutting things out and fixing your punctuation. Part of the job is making sure that the writing is powerful. That means you have to elaborate on some topics.

How To Edit Your Writing By Trimming Out The Unnecessary Words: Edit by trimming out the unnecessary words. Writers often get attached to their words but often taking out the excess words can strengthen your writing by getting to the point faster.

10 Creative Writing Edits:Why does editing your writing have to be so brutal? It doesn't. Try these 10 quick fixes before you make too many major changes.

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