Great Books For Writers Who Are Serious About Improving Their Writing

Why Should I Read Books For Writers When There's So Much Free Information Online?

It's a good question. The Creative Writer's Desk and other sites like it have masses of great information and advice for writers. But there is a limit to how much information you can get for free...

Almost all of the best books for writers are protected under strict copyright laws. You can learn a lot from the experience, advice, and tips in the articles here but there is so much more out there. I've spent thousands of dollars filling my book shelves with the best books about writing out there...

But I've also wasted a lot of money buying books and information products that are watered down texts.

There are people who were published by dumb luck or because they had a "friend" in the publishing industry (it happens).

I've read dozens, maybe hundreds of books for writers, but the only reviews you'll see here are the best of the best.

Read the reviews and if it sounds like something that can help you, go to the bookstore and check it out or buy on line and have it mailed to you.

Review of What If: Writing Exercises For Writers by Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter- Writers learn best by writing and in" What If," Anne and Pamela are able to focus your writing efforts so you learn the right techniques quickly.

Review of "Burning Down The House: Essays On Fiction" by Charles Baxter: by far the best book of essays I've ever read. Baxter's wit and humor come through on every page. You'll laugh while you learn the intricacies of fiction.

Review of Writer's Guide To Character Traits by Linda N. Edelstein, PH.D.- The Writer's Guide To Character Traits is the classic, "Psych 101" for writers. It's sold over 40,000 copies because it's an easy to use, quick reference for all fiction writers. It's one of the few books that I'll open when I'm working on a story.

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