Review Of "Writer's Guide To Character Traits" by Linda N. Edelstein, PH.D.

How well can you get inside the mind of a murderer or an aggressive CEO or even a small child? How deeply do you understand the motivation of your heroes and villains?

The Writer's Guide To Character Traits is the classic, "Psych 101" for writers. It's sold over 40,000 copies because it's an easy to use, quick reference for all fiction writers. It's one of the few books that I'll open when I'm working on a story.

There's a reason that stereotypes exist- because there's almost always a grain of truth behind them. With Linda Edelstein's Writer's Guide To Character Traits, you'll find out what that grain of truth is and where it comes from.

It's the writer's job to make all of the characters believable and real, and this guide is an excellent place to start.

The book has 14, Information Packed Chapters that cover:

  1. Real People And Believable Characters
  2. Adult Personality Types
  3. Child And Adolescent Types
  4. Psychological Disorders
  5. Criminal Types
  6. Sexual Issues
  7. Love, Marriage, And Other Arrangements
  8. Creating A Family
  9. Ordinary And Extraordinary Events
  10. Physical And Mind/Body Disorders
  11. Career Traits
  12. Group Influences
  13. Physical Appearances and Communication
  14. The Big Index

Because this book has been so popular, there are a ton of used copies floating around on Amazon... some of them for under $2.

About The Author

Dr. Linda Edelstein is a practicing psychologist specializing in in the development of professional identity, creative adaption and grief. She is also an associate professor at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and frequently presents at national conferences and workshops.

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