Beating Writer's Block


Why do we suffer from writer's block? This site echoes over and over, “writing is hard work.” So why is it that we can put in all the work we can muster and still get nowhere? There are two main villains who cause writer's block.

1. Stress- Writing isn’t the only hard work you have. Very few of us are able to support ourselves with just the income from our creative writing if we make any income from it at all. We also have day jobs, schools, families, bills, chores, and we still have to find time to eat, write and sleep. Sometimes it feels like we're standing under a waterfall of chores and responsibilities falling on our head. With all this stress tangled up in our minds, we'll naturally get stuck from time to time. Try these 10 ways to overcome.

2. Fear-We’re afraid of rejection, of judgment, of offending our friends or family, of being mocked, and most often we’re afraid of failing. These fears can build up in our minds and when we find the time to sit and write they’re the only thing we can think of. Fear can be paralyzing. Beat the five worst offenders.

Of course, those are just the two that I find to be the most common. Author and writer Nick Usborne gives you two more and how avoiding them will help you overcome your writer's block

Some days a muse seems to sit on our shoulders and other days we can’t find her no matter where we look. The world goes from sunny and inspiring to dark and utterly boring. This is not a lack of creativity on the part of the writer but more often a combination of stress and fear in his or her life. Luckily it can be overcome with a push in the right direction.

The following are helpful articles and exercises to brush the dirt off your creativity and help you to navigate around this seemingly endless storm.

I also highly recommend you check out Bryan Cohen's articles about motivation techniques for writing inspiration because sometimes a little inspiration is all you need.

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