Books For Writers Review. What If: Writing Exercises For Writers

There aren't many books that offer more, and better yet, more useful writing exercises.

I first read this book in my Intermediate Fiction Writing class in college, but that doesn't mean it's only for College Students. "What If: Writing Exercises For Writers" is simple enough for a teenager to use but powerful enough that even though I'm now a professional writer, when I need to get my creative juices flowing, I still go back and write out one or two.

There's no wasted time, either. Every chapter tells you what you'll get out of it before you do the exercises. This edition also includes an invaluable section of short stories that every writer needs to have.

You can buy the book cheaper in the later editions, but you'll miss out on the short stories which would cost twice as much as the entire book if you tried to collect them yourself.

Co-Author Pamela Painter is a very accomplished short story writer. Her stories have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, Harper's, The Kenyon Review, Mid-Atlantic, and more. She teaches Writing and Literature at Emerson College in Boston

Co-Author Anne Bernays' essays and articles has appeared in various publications like The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and The Nation. She's also written several Novels such as Professor Romeo and Growing up Rich. She teaches at Harvard's Nieman Foundation

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