4 Ways To Make Money Writing Online

There are a lot of ways to make money writing online. Some of them take experience and training, others are open to anyone with the desire and commitment. In my experience, these are the best ways to get started.

Internet Copywriting

First of all, what is a copywriter? Businesses call the word in their promotional material, advertising, and websites, "copy." A copywriter is someone who writes those promotions, advertising, and websites. Internet copywriters focus on the online aspect of those three areas.

Copywriting skills are seriously undervalued by most businesses and they're losing millions of dollars a year because they think that any words will do. But it's not true.

Websites pretty much all function the same way. They all have a navigation bar on the top or to the side with words and pictures in the center. So what's the difference between a great website that makes money and a poor website that doesn't? Only words.

You don't need any formal training to pitch yourself as an Internet Copywriter... but it helps.

The great thing about online copywriting is that so many companies need help. They had their technical guys write their website copy and their sales are suffering accordingly. If you're willing to make the investment of time to learn how to write great web copy that sells, there is a wide open market that needs your skills.


Companies are using blogs as a way to promote themselves and keep their name in front of their customers. The great opportunity for you, if you want to make money writing online, is that these blogs need a constant flow of fresh content.

Some companies will hire full time bloggers or do it themselves, but many are turning to outside freelancers to pick up the slack.

The typical blog post is about 500 words. It gets straight to the point, offers valuable information to the readers, and then closes with some kind of call to action like, "subscribe to this blog," or "buy product xyz."

It takes a little bit of time to become a good blogger, but once you are you can charge sometime as much as $400-$500 for a single blog post that takes you an hour to write. Now, you'll probably start by writing that same blog post in 3 hours for $50-$100, but even that isn't a bad deal.

Writing Articles

Article marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote a business and a great way for you to make money writing. You'll write a series of about 10 articles on a subject related to your clients business and publish them on a free article site like ezinearticles.com. At the end of these articles you include a link to the website. It's a great way to drive tons of traffic to a website.

These articles are usually between 300-500 words and are incredibly easy to write. You usually charge between $100-$150 an article. That means you'll make between $1000 and $1500 for a series of 10. If your client wants more traffic on their website, this is a great (and profitable for you) suggestion to make.

Writing Your Own Website

Without a doubt, the best way to learn how to make money writing online is to have your own money making website. You'll learn the best way to write content that people want to read and you'll learn how your writing fits into the greater plan of a website.

After you have your own website up and making a bit of money, you can easily sell your writing to a client by saying, "this kind of thing has worked well on my own website so I know it'll work well for yours."

Building your own website is a lot easier than you might think. I don't have any technical knowledge about building websites at all, so I used a service called "Site-build-it" for less than a dollar a day to build and maintain this site. You can learn more about site-build-it here.

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