Make Money Writing - Create a Marketing Plan

By Angela Booth

Are you serious about selling your writing? With my writing students, I emphasize the importance of marketing. It's not an optional extra. Even if you have a Web site and blog, you still need to market them. Marketing is ongoing. It never stops.

To help you to kick off your marketing efforts, here's an easy way to create a marketing campaign.

Let's say you've just started to offer keyword-researched articles from your site.

So you map out a campaign, which will take one month. Your campaign will include:

* Two press releases

* 15 articles posted on article directories, as well as to your own site

* three Squidoo lenses, linking back to your sales page

* 30 comments on business blogs linking to your sales page

* five guest posts on blogs, linking back to your sales page

Now you've created the campaign, it's time to create tasks for each and every item in your campaign. Insert each task into your diary program, or paper diary.

Off you go -- put your plain into action.

Track, track, track!

Please track the results of your campaign. Use your own site's referrer logs, or use a tracking program. It doesn't matter how, you track, as long as you track.

Remember that the full results of your little campaign won't show up for three months.

Create marketing campaigns, and make sales

Selling your writing online is EASY. All you need to do is map out a plan of action, and stick to it. Consistency and persistence are everything. No one knows who you are, or what you do, until you tell them. MARKETING is how you tell them.

The difference between a writer who's making a great income and a writer who's struggling is marketing. Talent has nothing to do with it.

If you can get your head around marketing, you'll have a great writing career.

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