How To Make Money Writing Even If You're Not The Best Writer

There's a secret that most professional writers don't want you to know. You need some know-how to make money writing but you don't have to be an exceptional writer. You just have to be able to communicate what your writing is worth.

Now, if you can barely spell your own name, you're going to need to get better, but if you've been at this for any amount of time, you probably already know enough about the writing side of things to get started.

What you're missing is the business side. How do you get someone to pay you real money for your writing?

The surprising answer is: Stop Selling Your Writing. Want to know how to make money writing? That's the answer. If you're selling your article or blog post or sales letter, you're competing in an over-saturated pool of mediocre "space-fillers." So sell something different instead.

Sell what your writing will do for the client.

You're not writing an article for your client, you're going to build trust with his readers. You're not writing a blog post, you're building a relationship with his customers.

You're selling value, not the product. Do you see why that's worth so much more to a client?

And here's the really sneaky part. You're not doing too much more than a $10 per-article writer on e-lance is doing. It's the same amount of work. But if you understand how your writing is going to make money, and you can communicate that to your client, you're automatically worth at least 10x what the writer that doesn't understand it is worth.

Plus, you have the added benefit of actually being able to take your time and write a quality article. If you're writing for $10, you're not going to have much motivation to do your best. But if you're writing for $300, well then that's worth investing some of your time in.

Writing is 90% mental... and the other 10% is mental. When you charge more for your writing, both you and the client see that writing as being more valuable. That means you work harder and actually write better, and your client is willing to pay more for it. That's the secret of how to make money writing...

It's a win-win; my favorite kind of game.

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