Writing For The Love Or For The Money?

I have always been passionate about writing. When I was 5-years old, I started writing my own diary. Every night, I would write about what had happened throughout the day, about my aspirations, and about my dreams. As I grew older, my diary was filled with the latest crushes I had, my secrets and my fantasies. As one diary finished, I would head out to the bookstore to buy a new one. The stack of diaries I hid in my closest grew bigger and bigger. Through college and then university, my diary became my best friend.

When I began looking for a job, I was inclined to those places which allowed me to write more than work on other things. I loved writing and aspired to become a writer. After many interviews, I landed a job at the New York Times as an assistant writer. My job was to help edit work for the higher writers of the paper. The money and the ranking were quite low, but I worked for the love of writing.

It was after my father lost his job and failed to find any new one that I began valuing money more. My job was not enough to keep the household running. I discovered through a friend a new means of income for writers – freelance writing. Within a few days of applying online, I found various types of writing jobs. My writing skills were good enough to score me bigger and better paying jobs within the first few months of working online. I began taking more and more jobs, so much that I had no time to spend with my friends or family. Making money became so important for me that my relationships were affected. At such a point, one begins to forget the value of people in their lives.

My work consumed all my time and slowly, my work at the newspaper and online was affected. I lost my job at the newspaper and at different websites. And during this time, my father then had a heart attack. He survived it but it affected my emotions a lot. I was at the point of losing a loved one, and it was then that I came to my senses. Writing for the love is fun and exciting, but if you write for the money, greed corrupts your senses and you may begin to lose the dearest things to you.

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